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  • You demonstrate your attachment to the values of generosity, sharing and intergenerational transmission.
  • You encourage access to school and academic excellence for all motivated students who deserve it.
  • You are promoting the value of the diplomas awarded by EM Normandie.
  • You support EM Normandie development and its international reputation, strengthening its autonomy in an increasingly competitive context.
  • You foster the quality of teaching and high-level research in all fields of management.
  • You affirm your company’s commitment by supporting a school that heeds the needs of the actors in its territory for the benefit of their regional, national and international development.
  • You give meaning to your taxes and benefit from a significant tax reduction, by contributing to a project that is close to your heart.

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« I am convinced that, when you have reached the end of your career, the only thing that seems of any value in the past, it’s the good we’ve been able to do, the services we’ve been able to provide. »
Jules Siegfried, Founder of the Ecole de Supérieure de Commerce du Havre in 1871