Equal Opportunities


This priority axis of the Foundation includes all actions carried out in favour of equal opportunities for students, with access to scholarships. It represents 85,53% of the Foundation’s expenses.

EM Normandie welcomes 2 400 students each year. 25% of them benefit from a scholarship awarded according to social and merit requirements (CROUS) but this is not enough.

The funding of social scholarships is a priority for the Foundation because the financial aspect must no longer be an obstacle to the ambitions and aspirations of the most modest students with the required level.

The donations received thanks to the generosity of our donors allow us to grant scholarships to promote equal opportunities and social diversity so as to ensure that no student who meets the admission requirements is unable to join the school due to his personal situation. Thus, each motivated student who deserves it will be able to follow the training adapted to his future project.

The Equal Opportunities and Diversity Pole / The FSU Commission

Financial assistances are granted on the criteria of social (family and financial situation), academic (assiduity, involvement, Study Director’s recommendation) and personal (behaviour, lifestyle consistency, respect of procedures).

The cases are analyzed according to the students’ requests. The FSU Commission, chaired by Jean-Louis Grégoire, meets twice a year to examine the proposed applications and vote on the amounts of scholarships to be awarded.

Julien Soreau
Head of the Equal opportunities
and Diversity Department

Maryline Ragot
Maryline Ragot
Social worker

The FSU Commission meets twice a year to examine the proposed applications and vote on the amounts of scholarships to be awarded.

The FSU Commission:

  • Jean-Louis Grégoire, EM Normandie President
  • Frédérique Grycan, Administrative and Financial Manager
  • Philippe-Jean Péron, EM Normandie Foundation President
  • Pascal Prupka, Program Director
  • Julien Soreau, Head of the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Department
  • Maryline Ragot, Social Worker
  • Mina Colonna d’Istria, EM Normandie Fondation Executive Officer

For any information needed, please contact Julien Soreau :


3 support programs

The « Academic Deserving Scholarship »

The EM Normandie Foundation wishes to help the least well-off, most deserving students. A scholarship student who has obtained an over than 14/20 average mark in his previous academic year at the School may, after examination of his situation, receive a grant up to 30% of his annual tuition fees. This scholarship may be renewed annually as long as the average score remains above 14/20.

The « Vagaries of life Scholarship »

These scholarships are awarded in addition to legal social assistance, to cover the tuition fees of students who have suffered from a life hazard since the beginning of their studies at the EM Normandie (death of a parent, divorce, unemployment, disease…).

The « Helping hand Scholarship »

Sometimes the Link Office Department, in charge of the link between the School, student life, and the campus social worker are confronted with increasingly serious and sometimes urgent social, psychological and financial problems.To this end, the Foundation contributes to the School’s Emergency Aid Fund, which provides immediate assistance to students in extreme financial difficulty who would otherwise give up their studies. This assistance is initially granted for one month and can be repeated for the time needed for the student to find a solution.