Academic Excellence and Research

In an extremely competitive and internationalized world, the quality of teaching and research, as well as the level of students, are major factors in the School’s reputation. This axis represents 13,16% of the Foundation’s actions.

The EM Normandie Foundation aims to promote academic excellency, pedagogical innovation and a high level of research, in line with business issues, so that the School can work with international research professors, to develop the Research Chairs and the « Track Excellence » program.

This constant search for excellence and best skills strengthens the academic reputation of the EM Normandie; it guarantees both the quality of accreditations, rankings and ratings of research publications in international journals, as well as that of future student promotions.

The Cycle of Executive Meetings « Enhanced Performance »


This cycle of breakfast debates is organized by the Foundation on our campuses, for business leaders in their territory, in partnership with the School’s Research Department


Goals :

  • to provide additional knowledge and a new vision on strategic management topics, based on the research conducted by the teachers – researchers of EM Normandie whose conclusions are applied in very concrete ways to improve the performance of companies,
  • to promote networking between leaders in the convivial atmosphere of the School.

Principle: an academic presentation on the state of research by a professor and researcher from the EM Normandie, followed by a feedback with the testimony of a company.

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The Academic Excellence Award

A school’s reputation is closely linked to that of its academic staff. The EM Normandie Foundation sets up a programme to encourage teacher-researchers through the annual organisation of the Academic Excellence Award. The evaluation criteria are linked to the quality of their pedagogy and the recognition of their research work in the reference publications. These criteria are taken into account by the certification agencies of business schools.

Objective: to encourage teacher-researchers and to promote research leading to innovative and relevant publications and/or curricula.

Principle: the EM Normandie Foundation’s Academic Excellence Award is open to all teacher-researchers in charge on 1 January and is divided into two parts:

The Research Award recognizes research related to a managerial issue that has led to the acceptance or publication of one or more scientific articles in the previous two years, and whose impact on the practitioner and/or student is concrete and measurable (invitations to round tables, work-shops, collective books, press stands, articles in professional journals, interviews, video shooting, writing an educational case study derived from the research results and used in classrooms, citations and international distribution).

The Pedagogical Innovation Award recognizes a pedagogical initiative involving either a pedagogical practice, an educational resource or an evaluation of learning. This initiative, proposed within a teaching unit, a program or for a particular audience, is synonymous with change and is innovative in nature. It has a recognized impact on student engagement, perseverance and success. This pedagogical act may concern a course (unit), a programme or a group

» Actualities / First edition of The Academic Excellence Award  March 23, 2019