The Foundation

Our reason for being

The EM Normandie Foundation was created at the end of 2016 on the initiative of a few graduates, under the aegis of the Fondation de France. Its mission is to support the long- term development of the School and to extend its influence by providing new sources of funding through actions of general interest for the benefit of the School, its education and its students.
« Today, the competition from business schools is global, it is more than essential to show that we are united and to get involved for our school: we, its alumni, its students, its teachers and staff, its partners and friends. Our strength is our number and there is no small donation…
Together we will be able to address the challenges that our school faces every day to ensure the sustainability of our diplomas, to build our future and the future of the coming generations. » »
Jean Louis Gregoire, President of the EM Normandie Foundation


Our initiatives

égalité des chances

Promote equal opportunities by awarding scholarships, in order to facilitate access to school for all motivated students with financial difficulties.
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Promote academic excellency, pedagogical innovation and high level research by awarding prizes, scholarships and grants to teachers-researchers and thus enabling the best talents to develop within the EM Normandie.
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excellence académique

Encourage entrepreneurship and innovation by supporting innovative and value-creating projects for the benefit of education and students, in line with the challenges of business and social transformation, in particular through the InsIDE incubator, which helps to make student projects a reality.
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Our values


The EM Normandie Foundation is based on 5 values:

  • Commitment
  • Solidarity
  • Sharing
  • Accompanying
  • Transmission

« Let us give ourselves the means to build the future together so in order to preserve the autonomy of the school in its strategic choices. Let us give ourselves the means to build the future together to contribute in a logic of excellence to a more enterprising, responsible and supportive economic world. There is no shortage of projects, it is now up to us to make them a reality. »
Jean Louis Gregoire, President of the EM Normandie Foundation


The EM Normandie Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors composed of the founding members who co-opt the members of the Executive Committee within 4 colleges:

  • The President and the General Delegate of the Foundation
  • 3 founding members
  • 2 donors members
  • 3 qualified personalities
  • the Chief Executive Officer of EM Normandy BS
  • A representative of the Fondation de France

Its role is threefold:

  • to vote on the action plan in accordance with the school’s strategic development and the budget proposed by the General Delegate,
  • to bring the expertise of its members to the actions undertaken by the Foundation and to promote it in their socio-professional circles,
  • to audit the accounts and investments made to optimize the Foundation’s financial management.